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Some Myths About Roof Leaks That Are Commonly Believed

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A roof that is suffering from leaks can be a fairly routine issue that almost every homeowner will have to address at some point. Unfortunately, roofing leaks are a problem that will frequently be misunderstood by homeowners that are needing to have this repair work done.

Myth: A Roof Leak Will Have To Be Caused By Storms

It is often assumed that a leaking roof will only be caused by the extreme conditions that are created when severe storms move through your area. While these events can greatly exacerbate the threat of the roof suffering leaks, it is possible for this problem to arise from other causes as well. For example, poor maintenance can allow sections of the roof to suffer structural problems that can make the formation of leaks must easier.

Myth: Roof Leaks Are Always Covered By Insurance

The costs of repairing leaking roofs can be rather high, but it will be unavoidable if you are to limit the scope and severity of these damages. While your homeowner's insurance policy will provide some protection against these repair costs, these policies will not always cover these repairs. As an example, if it is discovered that the repairs are needed due to the roof being neglected, the insurance policy will be unlikely to cover these damages. For this reason, you should always retain an experienced insurance adjuster.

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Myth: Minor Leaks Do Not Represent A Serious Threat To Your Home

It can be a common issue for minor leaks to develop for any number of reasons. These leaks may seem harmless at first, but they can lead to several disruptive consequences. The moisture from these leaks can lead to the wood supports and components of the roof to start to rot. The moisture from these leaks can also create conditions that are ideal for the growth of mold and mildews. The complications that can result from failing to have roof leaks repaired in a timely fashion can be severe. However, having your roof checked for leaks at least once a year and after any severe storms that move through your community will allow you to avoid these potential outcomes.

Making incorrect assumptions about leaking roofs can be a serious but common mistake. Knowing that these leaks can be caused by many different issues, the reality that these leaks will not always be covered by the insurance and the need to have these damages repaired immediately can be invaluable.