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What To Ask When Choosing A Service Provider To Manage Your Estate Sale For You

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Hiring an agent should help you save time and avoid inconvenience when it comes time to plan and hold your estate sale. Here are a few questions that should be asked when consulting with prospective estate sale agents:

How Should Belongings Be Managed?

One important question to ask when choosing an estate sales service provider is how your belongings should be managed in the days and weeks leading up to the actual sale. Will you be required to go through everything yourself and decide what should be saved to sell and what should be given or thrown away? Will you be responsible for keeping everything safe and free of damage while waiting for the estate sale to take place?

While some estate sale agents might expect you to manage most of the stuff yourself, others will do all the legwork and even provide storage space for the more valuable stuff that will be sold later. So if you don't feel that you have the time or experience necessary to properly manage your estate belongings, you'll need to make sure that the service provider you hire will offer all of the management services you need before signing any contracts or service agreements.

How Many Sale Days are Included?

Not all estate sale agents are able or willing to host an unlimited number of sales days for an estate. For instance, one agent might offer one to three day sales, while another offers seven days for the same price. And one agent might offer additional sales days for an extra fee, while another won't provide you with additional days no matter how bad you want them.

If you want to keep holding estate sales until everything has been sold, you should find an agent to work with who is willing to offer you as many days as you need – even if you have to pay an extra fee for those days.

How Will Pricing Be Handled?

Another crucial question to ask when consulting with prospective estate sales agents is how pricing will be handled. Will the agents you talk to price items based on nothing more than market values, or will they dig in and do some research to determine the true value of an item? Will you have to give each item a value yourself? Or will a third-party appraiser be brought in to price everything? You have to know each service provider intends to price your items so you can determine who will be most likely to price the most aggressively and effectively.

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