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Auction House Or At-Home Sale? The Benefits Of Hiring An Estate Professional

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Why should you choose an auction house service over an at-home estate sale? If you're not sure which option is the right one for your family's needs, take a look at what you need to know about the benefits of estate auctions.

The Out of the Home Auction Environment

Even though an in-home auction may seem easy, this option requires you to open up space to strangers. An estate auction house provides an out-of-the-home area to sell your family's or loved one's cherished items. This means less foot traffic-related mess and a reduced risk for potential damage. If you plan to sell the property soon, an auction outside the home is the safest choice.

The Organizational Aspects of an Auction

An estate sale isn't always easy to organize. You'll need to decide what to sell, inventory every item, price the pieces, plan the sale's setup, and advertise the event. These estate activities take time, effort, energy, and money—making a DIY sales approach potentially expensive and exhausting.

While an auction service comes with its own costs, this expert-level option allows you to hand over the organizational aspects of an estate sale. The professionals can appraise the items, suggest starting prices, inventory everything for you, and transport everything to the auction house.

The Advertising Necessary for a Successful Estate Auction

Again, advertising is an essential step in the estate sale organization process. Signs placed around the neighborhood or a post on social media may get some potential buyers into the home. But these do-it-yourself tactics may not bring in the crowd you hoped for. A professional auction company has skilled staff and resources to advertise your sale to the right clients.

The Sales Prices for the Auction Items

How much should you price furniture, accents, art, and other items for? If you're not sure of the value and don't know how to make the most money possible, you need professional assistance. Estate and auction experts know the current market value of art, antiques, and other similar items. These professionals also know how to price estate pieces to sell.

An auction allows you to avoid a price battle with potential buyers, puts credibility behind the price, and helps you to make the most money possible. To learn more about how the pricing process works and what an estate auction house can do to make this time easier on your entire family, contact a local sales company for more information.